Import Connections from LinkedIn

  1. Visit https://www.linkedin.com/mypreferences/d/download-my-data and request an archive of your LinkedIn connections.

  2. In about 15-30 minutes, you will receive an email from LinkedIn with a link to your connections download. Go ahead and download the CSV they've generated. Or you can download from https://www.linkedin.com/mypreferences/d/download-my-data

  3. In MindOS, you can open the 'Contacts Hub' in your Personal AI's 'Ability'. Within the Contacts Hub, simply upload the CSV file exported from LinkedIn.

Q: The AI character I created did not meet my expectations. What should I do?

A: Re-visit the Create for more detailed instructions, demonstrations, and tips on maximizing your Minds overall performance.

Q: The character I created cannot stably convey the professional knowledge I injected. How can I adjust it?

A: Refer to our Knowledge section in the product documentation, then adjust your input or update the list of proprietary terms to enhance your Minds performance. Often times, adding websites and crawling the entire site (including sub-pages) isn't the best way to structure data sets. Information can sometimes get lost or aren't valued as important even if they should be. We recommend being very intentional with custom knowledge that users provide their Minds.

Q: How can I share the characters I created with my friends?

A: To share your MindOS characters, please refer to our Export documentation.

Q: I created an English AI copilot. But can I also communicate with it in Chinese?

A: While AI characters theoretically support cross-language communication, switching from the originally set language may cause instability in expression. We recommend using the same language for both configuration and communication for best results.

Q: Why is the AI copilot's speech bubble constantly in a loading state during the conversation, making it impossible to interact normally?

A: Check your network status and VPN connection if you experience this issue. If the problem persists after refreshing and ruling out these factors, please contact our official WeChat customer service at biz@mindverse.ai for more.

Q: Can the personality or life memories of an AI copilot be modified through dialogues?

A: Currently, you can only modify preset content of an AI character from the configuration interface. Dialogue-based modifications are not yet supported. However, we aim to introduce more practical and efficient functions in the future, so stay tuned!

Q: Why has my AI copilot forgotten what I said to it a few days ago in today's conversation?

A: AI characters can only remember a limited number of dialogue rounds due to database limitations. To process new information efficiently, older dialogues exceeding this limit will be discarded.

Q: If I want to embed the AI service provided by MindOS into my own applications, what should I do?

A: Please visit API Quickstart to learn about our API interfaces.

Q: What should be done if the WebSocket connection between the client and the MindOS is lost during communication?

A: When a link is disconnected, you must establish a new one. While the session doesn't immediately disappear, to reconnect, create a new WebSocket and fill in the sessionId parameter with the related session's sessionId.

Other questions

Q: Where can I find more information about MindOS?

A: For more information on all things MindOS, kindly visit our Official Website. Additionally, join our Discord server to get real time access to all things MindOS and to engage with the MindOS community/developers!

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