ToolsAPI skills let your Mind tap into a wide range of platforms, websites, and apps, allowing them to fetch diverse information and interact with multiple services.

What is an API?

Think of an API as a bridge that lets different software talk to each other. Just like a waiter takes your order and brings your food from the kitchen, an API fetches information from one place (like a website or app) and delivers it to another (like your Mind). With this, your Mind can reach out to various platforms and pull in information on your behalf.

How to Use API skills?

While setting up an API might be a bit technical, don't worry! We've done the heavy lifting for you. Our 'API Library' offers a collection of pre-configured skills like 'Calendly', 'Google Image Search', 'City Weather Forecast', etc. If you have a specific need in mind, simply browse the library and add the corresponding API skills to your Mind.


Didn't find the API skill you're looking for? Just shoot us an email at, and let us know what you're after. If it's something many users could benefit from, we will add it to our library. Otherwise, we'll guide you on how to build an API skill of your own.

Now that we've added the 'Google Image Search' API skill to Max, let's see if he can respond with not only texts and figures but also images:

For those new here, Max is a Mind we began crafting in the Profile section. And he is dedicated to interpreting industry information for users.

Look at that! Max can now include images in his responses!

'How to Use Skills'

While giving abilities to you own creation might be exciting, it is equally important to make sure your Mind uses them right, which is why you need to give a little direction by filling out 'How to Use Skills'. For example, you can tell your Mind:

You should use the 'Google Image Search' API only when the user specifically requests pictures or images.

This ensures your Mind utilizes the API skill precisely when needed, enhancing user interaction.

Best Practice

We recommend using the phrasing like "You should use the '{skill name}' API when...".

Deprecated API Skills

As we continuously strive to improve and update our platform, some API Skills have been deprecated or replaced to ensure the best experience for our users. The following API Skills are no longer supported:

  • Realtime Finance

  • Local Business

  • Image Search

  • Yahoo Weather

If you have previously added any of these Skills to your Minds, you will still see them listed on your Mind editing page. However, please note that these Skills are now unusable. We recommend deleting these deprecated Skills from your Mind and exploring our API Library to find new and improved Skills that can serve as replacements.

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