For newcomers to our platform, we suggest kicking off your MindOS journey by exploring the diverse and innovative Minds that other users have customized and shared.

Our 'Marketplace' is specifically designed to cultivate a thriving community of AI developers and enthusiasts. This groundbreaking feature allows users to display their custom made Minds. Engage with the creations of others, and collectively push the boundaries of an AI-native lifestyle and workflow in the MindOs Marketplace!

Explore Minds Made by the MindOS Community

Once you've navigated to the Marketplace from the top of the sidebar, you'll be able to view and select from a variety of Minds shared by others.

  1. Before striking up a conversation with a Mind, be sure to check the suggestions for interaction provided by the creato, by clicking "Learn more about the Mind"

The MindOS team will also be contributing to the Marketplace, sharing representative Minds with complex capabilities to demonstrate the endless possibilities of AI. Our overarching aim is to stimulate the growth of the AI creator community.

Showcase your Mind with Others

If you want to share your Mind with the MindOS community, publish your creation to the Marketplace on the [Export] tab so that other users can interact with it freely.

  1. Offer a succinct description of your Mind, alongside some guidelines on how users can maximize their interactions with it on the Marketplace.

  2. Before publishing to the Marketplace, choose the LLM model that suits your Mind. GPT-3.5 turbo will work best for Minds that need simpler, quick responses and don't require lots of processing power. GPT-4 is best utilized for multimodal Minds that need character specific and nuanced responses. Note that response times will be longer when selecting GPT-4 as it requires more computing power to run functionally.

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