Equip your Mind with tailored knowledge by linking web pages or uploading documents, just as you'd coach a new intern or guide a Padawan.

Add WebPages

[Add Webpages] lets your Mind become well-versed in specific online content. Whether it's your personal blog, a news portal, a professional journal, or a comprehensive Wikipedia page, just input the URL and click [Crawl]. Your Mind will then absorb details from that site. For a more in-depth understanding, select [Include subpages under the URL] and your Mind will gather insights from up to 10 subpages connected to your main URL.


  1. If you encounter an error when adding sites in [Add Webpages], it's likely due to the fact that some websites prevent automated access. Your Mind might have trouble learning from these pages. Please consider alternative sources or ensure the page is unrestricted.

  2. While webpages provide a rich source of information, keep in mind that the content is static once uploaded, meaning any future updates on the webpage will not be automatically reflected in your agent's Knowledge.

Add Documents

[Add Documents] lets your Mind dive deeper into specialized content you provide. From the first draft of your novel to research papers, company guidelines, or seminar summaries, simply upload the materials. You can add up to 10 files at once, each under 5MB and in Word, PDF, or text format. Transform your Mind into a tailored consultant, always ready with the right insights from your personalized resources.

Best Practice

  1. We recommend limiting your Mind's Knowledge to a total of 30 URLs and documents. This ensures that your Mind maintains consistent accuracy and operates efficiently when recalling information.

  2. Optimize your Mind's understanding of the materials by formatting your documents per our Knowledge Document Guide.

Let's see how Max's ability to analyze industry information has changed now that we've added the relevant URLs and documents:

For those new here, Max is a Mind we began crafting in the Profile section. And he is dedicated to interpret industry information for users.

Upon learning the content we provided, Max made these improvements:

  • Before adding 'Knowledge', Max's insights and figures, while entertaining, were largely fictional and lacked authentic references. Upon closer inspection, it was evident he was improvising.

  • But after learning the new content, Max's comments on gaming demographics and habits became spot-on and clearly pulled from the new data, making what he says way more trustworthy and accurate.

Single Knowledge Entry

For quick bits of information you'd like your Mind to know, use the 'Single Knowledge Entry'. Just type in your specific detail and hit 'Enter'. It's an easy way to feed your Mind bite-sized insights without the need for lengthy documents.

Use Search Engine

Want your Mind to have the vastness of the web at its fingertips? Turn on 'Use Search Engine'. Your Mind can then pull up-to-the-minute data directly from the internet in response to queries.

For more targeted searches, specify the scenarios under which the Mind should consult the web, such as when a question goes beyond its current database. You can even guide your Mind to trusted websites by adding preferred domain names, ensuring the information sourced is both valuable and precise.

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