Data Source


Customize your Mind by harnessing the content of your website. Enter the URL, click [Fetch], and let your AI Mind do the rest. For a more in-depth understanding, we selected [Include sub-links] by default and your Mind will gather insights from your main URL. When the process is done, you can view, edit and delete.


  • If you fail to fetch when processing in [websites], it's likely due to the fact that some websites prevent automated access. Your Mind might have trouble learning from these pages. Please consider alternative sources or ensure the page is unrestricted. In the meantime, you can delete the pages that failed to fetch which can help you clear out the failures.


lets your Mind dive deeper into specialized content you provide. From your company guidelines, seminar summaries, or research papers...... simply upload the materials. You can add up to 10 files at once, each under 5MB and in Word, PDF or others format. Transform your Mind into a tailored consultant, always ready with the right insights from your personalized resources.


  • Update files in a timely manner. Make sure to keep your files up-to-date by updating them whenever new information arises.

  • Avoid using prescriptive statements. Make sure that your files are professional and of high quality. We suggest avoiding using directive language that is designed for LLM as prompts, such as "You should follow instructions to help users, including...", or using overly informal language.

  • Logically structure the file,logically organize the content of your files into sections. Use multiple levels of headings, numbered lists, and bulleted lists to organize sections/subsections. Also, assign a clear and concise title to each section/subsection to ensure that their content is accurately reflected.


In addition to websites and files, if you have any other unorganized text, you can add it here.


Any content in the form of a question and answer is encouraged to be added to the Q/A, such as FAQs. Once added to the Q/A, your Mind will be prioritized with the answers you set out to give, making your Mind more controllable and believable. What's more, if you find something wrong with your Mind's answers, you can go to the revised to adjust answers!

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