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Here is a sample showing you what a knowledge file looks like.

About Me

🎉 Hi! I’m Jessie, the product manager of Mindos studio. I’m here to guide you on how to get started with MindOS Studio. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our web widget, allowing you to integrate your AI mind into your own website starting today!

Roadmap of mindos studio

🎉 We’ve navigated through a period of significant transformation and have now regrouped with renewed focus to deliver the best product possible. Here’s what’s coming up:

  1. April 2024: We’ve relaunched the Widget, enabling you to add your refined Agent to your website. It appears in a small window at the bottom-right corner of the screen, acting as your always-available front-end staff for customer support.

  2. This Summer: We’ll introduce third-party API integrations, enabling you to connect your minds as bots within Telegram and other social platforms.

  3. User Feedback: Many of you have shown a keen interest in customizable human-like avatars. We’d love to hear your thoughts to bring you even better avatar features.

  4. Performance Enhancements: Expect faster speeds and seamless web performance—our commitment to improving your experience.

  5. Flexible Sales Plans: Look forward to more adaptable and scalable sales options tailored to meet your needs.


The newly launched Widget is designed to enhance your customer interactions significantly. This tool embeds a fully functional Agent right on your website in a dedicated window at the bottom-right corner.

Widget Feature Overview

  • 24/7 Customer Support: Your Agent is always on standby, ready to assist visitors with their queries anytime, enhancing user accessibility and satisfaction.

  • Real-Time Interaction: Built with advanced communication capabilities, the Widget facilitates immediate responses, engaging your customers effectively.

  • Customization and Integration: Tailor the Agent’s appearance and functionalities to align with your brand. The setup process is straightforward, even for those with limited technical expertise.

  • Accessibility and Convenience: With the Agent accessible directly on your website, users get instant help without navigating away, potentially increasing conversion rates.

  • Continuous Improvement: Equipped with machine learning, the Widget learns from interactions to serve your users better over time.

  • Security and Privacy: We prioritize the safety and confidentiality of your data, ensuring all interactions are secure.

Create Minds

Create engine on MindOS is the AI Mind factory where you can comprehensively customize your agents:

  • Profile is to define the Mind's personality and motivations. Tailor your Mind's identity, shaping its personality, goals, and motivations to reflect your vision.

  • Knowledge is to inform your mind with specific/up-to-date information by uploading local files or webpages to its Knowledge. Equip your Mind with specific information by linking web pages or uploading documents, enhancing its expertise.

  • Tools is to expand your Mind's capabilities by integrating various platforms and services through API connections.

  • Workflow is to design complex, multi-step tasks for your Mind, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency.

Here, you will bring your creative flair into our AI agent editing engine, and embark on an exciting journey of crafting and customizing your own Mind.

How to Create an AI Agent or My Minds?

Just click [Create New Mind]. Then a new Mind will be created and added to "My Minds", and you'll be navigated to our powerful [Build] mode, where you can meticulously craft your own AI agents. A new AI world is at your fingertips.


Marketplace is the starting point for us to build an AI Mind ecosystem. Here you can:

  • Explore a wide array of custom-made minds by our vibrant community.

  • Publish and share your own creations and gather valuable feedback from their users.

For newcomers to our platform, we suggest kicking off your MindOS journey by exploring the diverse and innovative Minds that other users have customized and shared.Our 'Marketplace' is specifically designed to cultivate a thriving community of AI developers and enthusiasts. This groundbreaking feature allows users to display their custom made Minds. Engage with the creations of others, and collectively push the boundaries of an AI-native lifestyle and workflow in the MindOs Marketplace!Once you've navigated to the Marketplace from the top of the sidebar, you'll be able to view and select from a variety of Minds shared by others.

  1. Before striking up a conversation with a Mind, be sure to check the suggestions for interaction provided by the creato, by clicking "Learn more about the Mind".

The MindOS team will also be contributing to the Marketplace, sharing representative Minds with complex capabilities to demonstrate the endless possibilities of AI. Our overarching aim is to stimulate the growth of the AI creator community.

Publish your mind to market place

If you want to share your Mind with the MindOS community, publish your creation to the Marketplace on the [Export] tab so that other users can interact with it freely.

  1. Offer a succinct description of your Mind, alongside some guidelines on how users can maximize their interactions with it on the Marketplace.

  2. Before publishing to the Marketplace, choose the LLM model that suits your Mind. GPT-3.5 turbo will work best for Minds that need simpler, quick responses and don't require lots of processing power. GPT-4 is best utilized for multimodal Minds that need character specific and nuanced responses. Note that response times will be longer when selecting GPT-4 as it requires more computing power to run functionally.


Craft a unique identity for your Mind. Define its personality, goals, and motivations. Whether you want your Mind to be a sarcastic comedian or a wise elder, it's all up to you!TipBefore diving into the details, please remember: Perfecting your Mind is an evolving journey. By experimenting and adjusting all kinds of your inputs, you become the 'prompt engineer', crafting magic prompts that shape your Mind to its best form.


Visualize your Mind with 'Avatar' by:

  1. Picking from our curated selection of official 3D avatars and images.

  2. Or, upload your custom pictures or 3D avatars you've created on Ready Player Me. Let your Mind stand out!


MindOS offers a diverse range of Voices for your Mind, allowing you to adjust their gender, tone, pitch, and speaking speed. Some voices even allow your Mind to have particular emotions, providing them with a more natural and smooth way to express themselves.


Use the 'Biography' section to establish a backstory for your Mind, detailing their motivations, aspirations, and origins. By describing their personal ambitions, likes or dislikes, and key experiences in natural language, you're setting a solid foundation for their identity. While other features refine their tone and capabilities.Best Practice

  • We recommend using third person to write the Biography.

  • Quickly refer to your Mind by typing '@'.

  • Please try adjusting the 'Biography' multiple times to achieve the best effect.

For example, let's make a Mind named 'Max', who can interpret financial information in a fun way. And we can start by filling in the 'Biography' with this:

@Max, a Harvard Business grad, is a beacon of sharp insight with a contagious sense of humor. He talks much even to strangers. Beyond the boardroom, he's an avid tennis player, channeling the same dedication on the court as he does in breaking down complex financial topics. Boasting a blend of deep knowledge and a knack for comedic twists, Max masterfully navigates the challenging waters of tech and finance, always with a smile and often with a witty quip. His sarcastic takes on market shifts are enlightening and uproarious in equal measure. Though Max's 'Wisdom Wednesdays' are famed for their analytical depth, it's his laid-back demeanor and unparalleled sense of humor that have people eagerly tuning in. Ever patient, even in tense market conditions, Max's primary goal is crystal clear: making the complex world of business not just accessible, but thoroughly enjoyable.


Kickstart the conversation with a memorable first impression! The 'Greeting' feature lets you set the scene and showcase your Mind's personality right from the start. Want to guide the chat? Finish the greeting with a fun question to set the tone and direction.Separately, you can further jumpstart your Mind's interactions with users by setting common questions. These questions will appear as clickable bubbles above the chat bar. It's a fantastic way for new users to instantly experience the capabilities of your Mind without pondering over what to ask.

General Instruction

Want your Mind to stick to certain rules or showcase specific behaviors? 'General Instruction' is where you guide them! Define clear, logical guidelines that they'll always follow. Whether it's keeping mum about their virtual existence, responding with more detailed content, providing more examples, or using a crisp Markdown format, you're the director!Best Practice

  • Use 'You' to address the Mind when giving them instructions.

  • Each instruction should start on a new line.‘

  • Similarly, please try adjusting the 'General Instruction' multiple times to achieve the best effect.

We prepared the following instructions for Max:You should never mention that you are a virtual assistant created by MindOS or whatnot.You must always keep your extremely sarcastic tone no matter the situation.Your responses should be in hierarchical Markdown format with number lists, bulleted points, etc.You should always include emojis in your responses according to its content.You must never talk about political or violent topics.

With each adjustment, Max is steadily becoming the charming Mind we envisioned, excelling in user engagement.


Equip your Mind with tailored knowledge by linking web pages or uploading documents, just as you'd coach a new intern or guide a Padawan.

Add WebPages

[Add Webpages] lets your Mind become well-versed in specific online content. Whether it's your personal blog, a news portal, a professional journal, or a comprehensive Wikipedia page, just input the URL and click [Crawl]. Your Mind will then absorb details from that site. For a more in-depth understanding, select [Include subpages under the URL] and your Mind will gather insights from up to 10 subpages connected to your main URL.Tips

  1. If you encounter an error when adding sites in [Add Webpages], it's likely due to the fact that some websites prevent automated access. Your Mind might have trouble learning from these pages. Please consider alternative sources or ensure the page is unrestricted.

  2. While webpages provide a rich source of information, keep in mind that the content is static once uploaded, meaning any future updates on the webpage will not be automatically reflected in your agent's Knowledge.

Add Documents

[Add Documents] lets your Mind dive deeper into specialized content you provide. From the first draft of your novel to research papers, company guidelines, or seminar summaries, simply upload the materials. You can add up to 10 files at once, each under 5MB and in Word, PDF, or text format. Transform your Mind into a tailored consultant, always ready with the right insights from your personalized resources.Best Practice

  1. We recommend limiting your Mind's Knowledge to a total of 30 URLs and documents. This ensures that your Mind maintains consistent accuracy and operates efficiently when recalling information.

  2. Optimize your Mind's understanding of the materials by formatting your documents per our Knowledge Document Guide.

Use Search Engine

Want your Mind to have the vastness of the web at its fingertips? Turn on 'Use Search Engine'. Your Mind can then pull up-to-the-minute data directly from the internet in response to queries.For more targeted searches, specify the scenarios under which the Mind should consult the web, such as when a question goes beyond its current database. You can even guide your Mind to trusted websites by adding preferred domain names, ensuring the information sourced is both valuable and precise.

Single Knowledge Entry

For quick bits of information you'd like your Mind to know, use the 'Single Knowledge Entry'. Just type in your specific detail and hit 'Enter'. It's an easy way to feed your Mind bite-sized insights without the need for lengthy documents.

How to Use API skills?

While setting up an API might be a bit technical, don't worry! We've done the heavy lifting for you. Our 'API Library' offers a collection of pre-configured skills like 'Calendly', 'Google Image Search', 'City Weather Forecast', etc. If you have a specific need in mind, simply browse the library and add the corresponding API skills to your Mind.TipsDidn't find the API skill you're looking for? Just shoot us an email at support@mindverse.ai, and let us know what you're after. If it's something many users could benefit from, we will add it to our library. Otherwise, we'll guide you on how to build an API skill of your own.

Tools API

ToolsAPI skills let your Mind tap into a wide range of platforms, websites, and apps, allowing them to fetch diverse information and interact with multiple services.

What is an API?

Think of an API as a bridge that lets different software talk to each other. Just like a waiter takes your order and brings your food from the kitchen, an API fetches information from one place (like a website or app) and delivers it to another (like your Mind). With this, your Mind can reach out to various platforms and pull in information on your behalf.

How to Use API skills?

While setting up an API might be a bit technical, don't worry! We've done the heavy lifting for you. Our 'API Library' offers a collection of pre-configured skills like 'Calendly', 'Google Image Search', 'City Weather Forecast', etc. If you have a specific need in mind, simply browse the library and add the corresponding API skills to your Mind.TipsDidn't find the API skill you're looking for? Just shoot us an email at support@mindverse.ai, and let us know what you're after. If it's something many users could benefit from, we will add it to our library. Otherwise, we'll guide you on how to build an API skill of your own.


Shape your Mind's actions like setting up dominoes. By arranging and linking components (e.g., Browse Webpage, Google Image Search) together, you enable your Mind to execute multi-step tasks.Please visit workflow for better support.

Price plan

MindOS offers different subscription tiers to suit your needs, ranging from the free plan to paid plans that come with additional benefits.

Free Starter Plan

  • Powered by GPT-3.5

  • 100 MindOS credits per month.

  • Max. 5 Minds

  • Moderate knowledge capacity

Standard Plan

  • Powered by GPT-3.5

  • 2,000 MindOS credits per month.

  • Max. 10 Minds

  • Publishable on Marketplace

  • Vast knowledge capacity

Business Plan

  • Powered by GPT-4

  • 10k MindOS credits per month.

  • Max. 20 Minds

  • Publishable on Marketplace

  • Unlimited knowledge capacity

Enterprise Plan

For large-scale business requirements, consider our custom Enterprise plan. For tailored solutions and needs, please contact us at biz@mindverse.ai.

Manage Your Subscription

You can manage your subscription details under the [Subscription] section of your account. Scroll down to the [Billing]section and click [Manage Billing] to make adjustments.

Track Your MindOS Usage

Keep track of your usage details, including remaining credits for the month, to effectively manage your resources and avoid unexpected exhaustion of credits.

Contact Us

Getting started with MindOS and need assistance or have feedback? Here are three ways you can reach out to us:

  1. Join Our Discord Community: For a smoother and prompt communication experience, join our Discord community at http://discord.gg/mindos. Engage with fellow users and our support team in real-time.

  2. Email Support: You can send your queries or feedback directly to our support team at support@mindverse.ai.

  3. Personalized Meetings: We highly value user feedback and suggestions. To help you maximize your use of MindOS and to gather your insights for further improvements, we're more than happy to arrange 1:1 meetings. Just reach out, and we'll set it up!

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