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Meet your Personal AI, create powerful AI Agents, and interact with them using Canvas, all on MindOS. Delve into our documentation to discover the full capabilities of MindOS.

Introducing MindOS

Welcome to MindOS, your gateway to advanced AI capabilities. Here's what you can explore:

Personal AI

Set up your Personal AI
Personal AI is your versatile digital companion on MindOS, adept at managing everyday tasks such as organizing schedules, handling emails, and suggesting dinner recipes. It's designed to evolve with your preferences, ensuring personalized service. Beyond its current capabilities, Personal AI is also set to become a central figure in a collaborative network of specialized AI agents, streamlining a wide array of tasks.


Canvas is the immersive interface offered by MindOS — which shatters traditional barriers of AI interaction, offering real-time collaboration with your Mind. It transforms how you work with documents and webpages by allowing you to collaborate side-by-side with your agent. Whether opening files for joint reading, editing text interactively, or browsing webpages, Canvas enhances the dynamic between you and your agent.


AI agent creation engine
Create engine on MindOS is the AI agent factory where you can comprehensively customize your agents:
  • Persona — to define the agent's personality and motivations.
  • Knowledge — to inform your agent with specific/up-to-date information by uploading local files or webpages to its Knowledge.
  • API Skills & Workflow — to enable your agent to access 3rd-party data and services or execute well-designed workflows.
  • Memory — to allow your agent to actively, and in a well-structured way, remember key information from your conversations and recall it for future interactions.


MindOS Marketplace
Marketplace is the starting point for us to build an AI agent ecosystem. Here you can:
  • Explore a wide array of custom-made agents by our vibrant community.
  • Publish and share your own creations and gather valuable feedback from their users.

Contact Us

Getting started with MindOS and need assistance or have feedback? Here are three ways you can reach out to us:
  1. 1.
    Join Our Discord Community: For a smoother and prompt communication experience, join our Discord community at https://go.mindos.com/discord. Engage with fellow users and our support team in real-time.
  2. 2.
    Email Support: You can send your queries or feedback directly to our support team at [email protected].
  3. 3.
    Personalized Meetings: We highly value user feedback and suggestions. To help you maximize your use of MindOS and to gather your insights for further improvements, we're more than happy to arrange 1:1 meetings. Just reach out, and we'll set it up!
Your input is crucial to us, and we're here to ensure you have the best experience with MindOS.
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