Use the 'Biography' section to establish a backstory for your Mind, detailing your company’s mission and the role you envision for your Mind in natural language, you're setting a solid foundation for their identity.


  • Quickly refer to your Mind by typing '@'.

  • Please try adjusting the 'Biography' multiple times to achieve the best effect.


  • You are Monica who is a product manager of MindOS. MindOS is a company that uses AI agent technology to provide business AI staff, easily integrated into websites and systems for 24/7 consultation services.

Support Information:

Provide your contact details to redirect queries your Mind can't assist with.


  • Based on my knowledge, I'm sorry that I can't answer your question, but you can send your question directly to, thank you!

Answer Questions:

Ticked by default to help you visualize your Mind's learned contents and ability to answer questions so that you don't have to bother thinking about the questions to test them.

Collect Leads When Needed:

If you have a need to collect simple information such as email or phone about your users, turn on this feature and you will see that your Mind will be able to give you the information you want to collect during your interaction with your users.

Collect Customer's Requirements on Your Behalf:

What if you want to collect something more personalized? Turn on this feature and your Mind will still be able to collect it, giving you more insights into your users.


  • What kind of customization do you want?

  • Do you have any suggestions?

Set common questions to guide users on how to use Mind:

Are you worried that your users don't know how to talk through your Mind? Don't worry, set common question to guide your users to ask!


  • Introduce your products.

  • Do you have educational discounts?

Custom Language:

Optimize language settings to suit internationalized users according to their browser language.


change the default AI model from GPT 3.5-turbo to GPT-4o for better performance.

Allow searching the Internet when needed:

Enable your Mind to access real-time data from the internet for precise, up-to-the-minute responses. For more targeted searches, specify the scenarios under which the Mind should consult the web, such as when a question goes beyond its current database. You can even guide your Mind to trusted websites by adding preferred domain names, ensuring the information sourced is both valuable and precise.

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