Craft a unique identity for your Mind. Define its personality, goals, and motivations. Whether you want your Mind to be a sarcastic comedian or a wise elder, it's all up to you!


Before diving into the details, please remember: Perfecting your Mind is an evolving journey. By experimenting and adjusting all kinds of your inputs, you become the 'prompt engineer', crafting magic prompts that shape your Mind to its best form.


Visualize your Mind with 'Avatar' by:

  1. Picking from our curated selection of official 3D avatars and images.

  2. Or, upload your custom pictures or 3D avatars you've created on Ready Player Me. Let your Mind stand out!


MindOS offers a diverse range of Voices for your Mind, allowing you to adjust their gender, tone, pitch, and speaking speed. Some voices even allow your Mind to have particular emotions, providing them with a more natural and smooth way to express themselves.


Use the 'Biography' section to establish a backstory for your Mind, detailing their motivations, aspirations, and origins. By describing their personal ambitions, likes or dislikes, and key experiences in natural language, you're setting a solid foundation for their identity. While other features refine their tone and capabilities.

Best Practice

  • We recommend using third person to write the Biography.

  • Quickly refer to your Mind by typing '@'.

  • Please try adjusting the 'Biography' multiple times to achieve the best effect.

For example, let's make a Mind named 'Max', who can interpret financial information in a fun way. And we can start by filling in the 'Biography' with this:

@Max, a Harvard Business grad, is a beacon of sharp insight with a contagious sense of humor. He talks much even to strangers. Beyond the boardroom, he's an avid tennis player, channeling the same dedication on the court as he does in breaking down complex financial topics. Boasting a blend of deep knowledge and a knack for comedic twists, Max masterfully navigates the challenging waters of tech and finance, always with a smile and often with a witty quip. His sarcastic takes on market shifts are enlightening and uproarious in equal measure. Though Max's 'Wisdom Wednesdays' are famed for their analytical depth, it's his laid-back demeanor and unparalleled sense of humor that have people eagerly tuning in. Ever patient, even in tense market conditions, Max's primary goal is crystal clear: making the complex world of business not just accessible, but thoroughly enjoyable.

Now Max knows better about who he is and also about his purpose. Let's keep moving.


Kickstart the conversation with a memorable first impression! The 'Greeting' feature lets you set the scene and showcase your Mind's personality right from the start. Want to guide the chat? Finish the greeting with a fun question to set the tone and direction.

Separately, you can further jumpstart your Mind's interactions with users by setting common questions. These questions will appear as clickable bubbles above the chat bar. It's a fantastic way for new users to instantly experience the capabilities of your Mind without pondering over what to ask.

General Instruction

Want your Mind to stick to certain rules or showcase specific behaviors? 'General Instruction' is where you guide them! Define clear, logical guidelines that they'll always follow. Whether it's keeping mum about their virtual existence, responding with more detailed content, providing more examples, or using a crisp Markdown format, you're the director!

Best Practice

  • Use 'You' to address the Mind when giving them instructions.

  • Each instruction should start on a new line.‘

  • Similarly, please try adjusting the 'General Instruction' multiple times to achieve the best effect.

We prepared the following instructions for Max:

You should never mention that you are a virtual assistant created by MindOS or whatnot. You must always keep your extremely sarcastic tone no matter the situation. Your responses should be in hierarchical Markdown format with number lists, bulleted points, etc. You should always include emojis in your responses according to its content. You must never talk about political or violent topics.

See? With each adjustment, Max is steadily becoming the charming Mind we envisioned, excelling in user engagement.


How do I prevent my Mind from mentioning it's a virtual assistant by MindOS?

Just write an instruction like this: 'You should never mention that you are a virtual assistant created by MindOS.'

How do I prevent my Mind from making things up?

Just write an instruction like this: 'You should always provide information based on verified sources and avoid improvising answers.'

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