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Personal AI

Your digital extension for daily tasks. It learns your preferences for personalized service and is designed to collaborate with specialized Geniuses for complex tasks in the near future.
Your secretary for the digital world

What is Personal AI?

Your All-in-One Digital Assistant: Personal AI is crafted to be your comprehensive digital companion. Whether it's organizing your daily schedule, managing your emails, or suggesting the perfect dinner recipe, Personal AI is your reliable go-to.
A Future of Collaborative AI Powerhouses: While Personal AI stands strong as a solo performer, we're excited about its future potential. Soon, it will be the cornerstone of a team of AI agents on MindOS, forming a dynamic ensemble capable of handling a spectrum of tasks, from the mundane to the expert-level.

Why Personal AI?

Beyond a One-Tool Solution: The AI landscape can be fragmented, often requiring users to hop between multiple specialized tools. Personal AI aims to streamline this by being your central hub. In the future, it will seamlessly integrate with a cohesive team of AI agents, offering a unified platform for all your needs.
A Learning Assistant That Also Archives: Personal AI isn't just adaptable; it's thoughtful. It continuously refines its services based on your interactions and diligently stores your significant outputs, ensuring they're always at your fingertips when needed.


Abilities in Personal AI are specialized features that can be toggled on or off to suit your specific needs, whether personal or work-related. These abilities not only replace the need for multiple specialized apps but also adapt over time to better align with your preferences and requirements. By customizing your Abilities, you make your Personal AI a truly indispensable asset in streamlining your daily life and enhancing your work productivity. For more detailed introduction and guidance for each ability, please see Abilities.


Memories in Personal AI is your personalized digital vault, designed to capture, organize, and recall the information that matters most to you. Whether it's your unique preferences, valuable knowledge from the web, or structured data you want the Personal AI to remember, Memories ensures your AI understands you better with each interaction and every edit you make. By fine-tuning your Personal AI's Memories, you make it a trusted companion. For more detailed introduction and guidance for using and optimizing Personal AI's Memories, please see Memories